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Joyful Career at Mondelez Indonesia

Our joyful workplace offers a broad choice of career opportunities and experiences with our dynamic global business. Read about Our Career Offer and visit our Careers page.

Our Career Offer

As a global business, we unleash the power of big and small to offer you a world-class career opportunity.

  • A huge diversity of career opportunities for all levels of ambition and skill.
  • The opportunity to make your mark. We are passionate about difference, diverse and unique perspectives… because from them come the best ideas.
  • Experience of working with iconic brands in a dynamic, fast moving work environment. Growing you faster making everyday a learning experience.
  • Ways of working that work for me and us – being part of a global community, in a values led business with authentic leaders enabling us to ‘be at our best’
  • Growth for everyone – taking advantage of Mondelēz International University (MIU) learning opportunities and the job experiences we offer.
  • Professional Hire
    We have live roles in all our business areas that you can apply. These live roles will give you access to an appetizing array of career-making opportunities. You’ll work alongside industry experts, enjoy personal development, and be given a real chance to progress. We offer passionate, energetic and curious people a huge choice of careers in our fun, fast-paced, global business.
  • iTaste
    Our structured graduate programme offers a sure start on your journey to become a future leader in our innovative FMCG environment. If you’re internationally mobile, the opportunities to open up future career experiences will be even better. Interested?
iTast Onboard Picture

"It is an immersive experience in which you need to be highly motivated, dedicated and prepared to invest in long hours. In return, you’ll receive the mentorship and coaching from experienced leaders, responsibilities on key projects, and inspiring experiences. It is a journey I believe worthwhile in shaping my professional and personal traits. It has helped me accelerate forward and seize the opportunities to collaborate, contribute, and shape the company’s future. I feel very fortunate to have been offered these amazing opportunities so early in my career."

-- Rismanda Putra Wisman, QA Manager Bandung, Indonesia

  • Cross Geography
    To enable individual career growth, you allow to take control of your own career development through global movement opportunities after 18 to 24 months experience in Mondelez Indonesia.

“A lot of things for me to catch up and adjust with this (new) position, not only with the job role and the different way of working, but also other adaptation challenges related with daily routine, language and also the culture. But those challenges also makes me realize that moving to this position is the right decision, because I believe this will helps me growing even better, both in career and as a person.”

-- Nanda Sukma Arifana, Category Manager Chocolate, Singapore

  • Cross Function Career
    A cross-function career opportunity is a unique proposition that we offer to our employees. This program provides a growth opportunity for our employees to broaden their capability and increase career options within the organization.

“In Mondelez, I get a lot of training session for technical and personal development. Especially during my time in CPA. And I think that now I found new passion in Sales”

-- Sheilla Arthasa, SRP Executive Biscuit, Indonesia

Career Development

  • Career Coaching
    Career Coaching is to help colleagues reflect on their aspirations, understand the role of experiences in career development, and reflect how to use experiences to maximize their potential and become the person they want to be.
  • iBecome
    iBecome is a job-shadowing program for our employees to provide opportunity to get a hands-on experience in a role that they are aspired to do. This program facilitates a career progression for our employees.

"Joining iBecome allowed me to broaden and open my view of Sales Revenue Planner's roles which I would have never imagined."

-- Lukman Hakin, ASM Central Sumatera 1